Karen Pevenstein

An avid Francophile and gourmet, Karen Pevenstein first met Gilles and Matthieu – and their hand-harvested salts – at a Parisian food fair.

After trying it, Karen immediately fell in love with these unique products. She searched for equivalents in specialty shops in the U.S. but never found anything that came close to the flavor and refinement of these salts. When she gave them as gifts to her friends, they soon discovered the wonders of how this special, “magic salt” can transform their everyday cooking.

After visiting Guérande and spending time with Gilles and Matthieu on their salt marsh, she is delighted to bring their enchanting products to America as the exclusive U.S. distributor of Morel et Le Chantoux. Once you try it, she promises you’ll be hooked...and so will your kitchen!