Why Gourmet Sea Salt from Louis Sel?

Guerande Sea Salt Marsh


Louis Sel is the exclusive U.S. distributor of Morel et Le Chantoux, independent paludiers from Brittany France, bringing their unique products to American consumers.

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Pure and natural. These sea salts are all harvested manually, retaining many essential, natural trace elements along with the essence of the Atlantic.

Fleur de Sel and Herbed Salt by Louis Sel

Elevates Food

The unique and special taste of Louis Sel salts can elevate any food in your kitchen from everyday cooking and as a special finishing salt.


Fleur De Sel

Highly favored by gourmets and chefs, a sprinkle of this special finishing salt will enhance any dish from a simple salad to beef tenderloin.

Sel marin With Aromatic Herbs

A must-have for any kitchen. A unique mix of organic provencal herbs with sel gris. Ideal when sprinkled on roasted potatoes and vegetables, grilled meats or eggs.

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Louis Sel Brings Morel et Le Chantoux to the U.S. 

Karen Pevenstein began Louis Sel after meeting the independent paludiers (salt farmers) Gilles Morel and Matthieu Le Chantoux at a food fair in Paris. Their salt marshes are situated in the world famous Guérande basin in Brittany where they utilize nature's energies to manually produce sea salt. Karen now brings these meticulously crafted sea salts to the U.S. to share them with her friends, family, and food lovers who are interested in taking their culinary creations to the next level.

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Guerande Sea Salt Marsh

Louis Sel in the Media

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