Gilles Morel & Matthieu Le Chantoux

Our providers, Gilles Morel (uncle) and Matthieu Le Chantoux (nephew), are independent paludiers (salt farmers) who run a family business in the famous Guérande salt marshes in Brittany, France.

At high tide, Gilles and Matthieu use a traditional hydraulic system to channel seawater into the salt marshes and force the seawater to evaporate by making it flow through a circuit. As the sea water evaporates, its salinity rises. They then transport the highly-salinized sea water into the crystallizers where the salt begins to form.

Pure and natural, the salts are all harvested manually, retaining many essential trace elements.

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Morel et Le Chantoux Paludiers Gu+¬rande.JPG

The Sel Marin forms at the bottom of the crystallizers, where it combines with mineral-rich clay. After they hand-harvest the salt, Gilles and Matthieu sift through the crystals and mix them with high-quality, organic herbs – giving it the unique flavors that you taste.

The same method is used for the Fleur de Sel, which is delicately skimmed from the surface of the crystallizers. Like our sea salt, it is pure and natural. To preserve its authentic taste, it is left to dry naturally in the sun.

Morel et Le Chantoux pride themselves in harvesting their salt following the traditions of the French Terroir Guérandais and the methods of their ancestors. This, combined with their independent nature, protects the subtle taste and quality of the salts now exclusively available to U.S. consumers.