Fleur de Sel

Salt is found in kitchens all over the world, but do we truly appreciate the role it plays in our lives?

Most of us take this precious ingredient for granted because we don’t understand its value.


If I told you that every crystal tells its own story, that every mouthful is an opportunity for people to travel and discover the world, would you believe me?

Well, you should.

While they share the same water, the taste of salt collected from either side of the same ocean is totally different. The secret to each salts’ distinct flavor profile lies within the unique minerals, climates, and harvesting processes from which they came from. Can you imagine? All it takes is a change in the wind or ocean tide to alter the flavor of your salt, and elevate meals in a different manner.


Each salt you taste has its own story.

Louis Sel wants to share with you the story about the ancient tradition of Fleur de Sel. The beautiful name translates into “flower of salt” in French, which originates from the flower-like patterns made by crystals in the salt crust.


In France, sea salt harvesters are called paludiers. Guérande, a small town on the west coast of France, is known to be where paludiers have lived and collected sea salt since the 9th  century.

With its beaming sunlight and gentle breezes, Guérande’s summers are perfect for harvesting sea salt. The delicacy of Fleur de Sel requires it to be gathered by hand in small quantities. Every summer, paludiers go out to the natural marshes and collect the pure, immaculate sea salt with their own hands. In fact, it is said that even the taste of Fleur de Sel varies according to the hands of different paludiers. The Fleur de Sel is then delicately skimmed off the crystallizers at dusk during the summer harvest. The whiteness and pure quality is due to the fact that it does not float to the bottom and mix with the clay and minerals.


For the paludiers in Guérande, harvesting Fleur de Sel is more than just a job. It’s an art, a treasure, and a culture passed from generation to generation.

The Fleur de Sel imported by Louis Sel is harvested by Gilles Morel and his nephew Matthieu Le Chantoux, paludiers whose dedication and passion shine through each salt crystal they collect. Vent d'Ouest and Vent d'Est are two different kinds of crystals from their lands - literally from the west wind and east wind.

Vent d'Ouest: Slightly larger crystals form from the west-blowing ocean wind creating crunchier and bigger crystals.

Vent d'Est: Delicate and smaller crystals form from the drier eastern wind creating refined crystals that are more subtle on the palate.

Highly favored by gourmets and chefs, Fleur de Sel is a perfect finishing salt for any dish. Just add a sprinkle of it to your steak, fish, or salads; it will take the taste of your food to a higher level.


Get a taste of Louis Sel’s Fleur de Sel, and transport yourself to where it all started on the salty marshes of the Atlantic in Guerande.

Are your taste buds ready to take a gourmet journey with Louis Sel?